2013 Workshop on Software Synthesis (WSS)

Oct 4, 2013, Montreal, Canada

Organized as part of Embedded Systems Week

Topics and Focus

An increasing amount of software is not written manually any more. Rather, software is synthesized from abstract models of the required functionality. As a result, the effort of generating software is reduced and software verification typically becomes easier. Software synthesis has been implemented in various disperse communities. The workshop aims at bringing these communities together and at identifying research problems which should be addressed by the scientific community.

Speakers were top speakers of the area.


8:00 Get-together, informal discussions

8:15 Peter Marwedel: Opening

8:30 Shuvra Bhattacharyya (University of Maryland, USA): Multicore DSP Software Synthesis using Partial Expansion of Dataflow Graphs

9:00 Gérard Berry (Collège de France, France): Dealing with Time and Events in the specification, modelling and implementation of Embedded Systems

9:30 Break

10:00 Keynote: Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt University, USA): Software and model synthesis in complex CPS design flows

10:45 Pieter Mosterman (The Mathworks, USA and McGill University, Canada): Heterogeneous Function Composition in Embedded Software Synthesis to Eliminate Direct Relations Between Components

11:15 Alessandro Pinto (United Technologies Research Center, Berkeley, USA): Code Generation Infrastructure for a Multi-Modal Synchronous MoC

11:45 Discussion

12:15 Close


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