2012 Workshop on Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems Education (WESE)

October 12, 2012, Tampere, Finland

Organized as a part of Embedded Systems Week

Topics and Focus

Embedded and cyber-physical systems design requires multidisciplinary skills from control and signal processing theory, electronics, computer engineering and science, telecommunication, etc., as well as application domain knowledge. Demand for embedded systems engineers has motivated a growing interest in the question of educating specialists in this domain. As system designs grow more complex and the time to market diminishes, quality education becomes more and more important. This ninth workshop on the subject aims to bring researchers, educators, and industrial representatives together to assess needs and share design, research, and experiences in embedded and cyber-physical systems education. Particular topics of interest include but are not limited to:


08:30 Registration & get-together, coffee

09:30 Opening: Peter Marwedel

09:45 Invited Keynote: Jeff C. Jensen, Edward A. Lee, Sanjit A. Seshia (UC Berkeley, USA): Teaching Embedded Systems the Berkeley Way

10:30 Dorsa Sadigh, Sanjit A. Seshia, Mona Gupta (UC Berkeley, USA): Automating Exercise Generation: A Step towards Meeting the MOOC Challenge for Embedded Systems

11:00 Kerstin Bauer, Klaus Schneider (U. Kaiserslautern, D): Teaching Cyber-Physical Systems: A Programming Approach

11:30 Lunch

13:00 Seiko Akayama, Shin Kuboaki, Kenji Hisazumi, Takao Futagami, Teruaki Kitasuka (Kyushu U., Afrel Corp., Toyo Corp., Kumamoto U., Japan): Development of a Modeling Education Program for Novices using Model-Driven Development

13:30 Gu-Min Jeong, Dong-Byeong Kang, Sung-Soo Lim, Nikil Dutt (Kookmin U., Korea; UC Irvine, USA): An Advanced Course Design for Mobile Embedded Software through Android Programming

14:00 Steffen Jaschke, Steffen Büchner, Sigrid Schubert, Andre Schäfer, Rainer Brück (U. Siegen, D): Competence Oriented Embedded Systems Course for Computer Science Students

14:30 Andrew Nelson, Anca Molnos, Ashkan Beyranvand Nejad, Davit Mirzoyan, Sorin Cotofana, Kees Goossens (Delft UT, Eindhoven UT, NL): Embedded Computer Architecture Laboratory: A Hands-on Experience Programming Embedded Systems with Resource and Energy Constraints

15:00 Break

15:30 David C. Dyer, Yan Lin Aung (Nanyang TU, Singapore): Microprocessor-based Systems Design Teaching Platform for Undergraduate Students in Computer Engineering

16:00 Bailey Miller, Frank Vahid, Tony Givargis (UC Riverside, USA): RIOS: A Lightweight Task Scheduler for Embedded Systems

16:30 Discussion: Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems Education in the Age of Online-Learning

17:00 Wrap-up

17:30 Close


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International Program Committee

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